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Caralluma fimbriata,

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Caralluma fimbriata,

Providing high quality management to owners, construction engineering contractors and government agencies.
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Civil & Mechanical Construction

We offer to our clients the ability to carry out both civil and mechanical construction on projects of all sizes.
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Building Construction

NPG Contracting has an excellent track record providing quality and integrity, delivering on program and on budget.
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Quality People,
Quality Outcomes

NPG Contracting Pty Ltd provide the highest quality project managers, supervisors, quality assurance inspectors and white collar hire to the engineering construction and building industries. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and ability to provide innovative solutions to projects for our clients.

Project Management Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Estimate & Tender Submission
  • Scope Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Engineering Management
  • Constructability Review
  • Construction Management
  • Project Risk Review
  • Construction Execution Development
  • Commissioning

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Caralluma fimbriata,

NPG Contracting are involved in construction projects throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

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GLNG Upstream Project

NPG Contracting provided senior management to the EPC contractor including the on-site…

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